In the 27th round of the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich will take on Eintracht in distress.

Bayern – Eintracht. 23.05.2020. Announcement and forecast for the German championship matchifoto: fcbayern. de in the standings between the teams is almost a gap: Munich lead with 58 points, and Frankfurt occupy the 13th position with 28 points, which is more than half as much as their rivals. However, there is also a personal rivalry between the opponents, in which everything is not so clear, and which is only partially affected by the current tournament layouts.

The Bayern – Eintracht match will take place on Saturday, may 23, without an audience at the 75,000-capacity Allianz arena in Munich. The starting whistle for the match will sound at 19: 30.


Fans of Hans-Dieter flick’s team have probably forgotten the last time their favorites lost in the national championship. “Bayern” in the last rounds of the Bundesliga scored an excellent move, and skillfully holds it. It would seem that something may change in the footsteps of the Munich residents after a two-month quarantine. But no! Flick’s boys in the opening match after the restart convincingly looked to visit the “Union Berlin”, where they celebrated the victory with the score 2: 0.

Thus, for today, “Bayern” has a 12-match series of games in the championship without defeats. The last time it stumbled as early as December 7 last year, when it lost to Borussia Monchengladbach (1:2) on the road, and before that, Munich lost at home to Bayer with the same result.

Flick will not gather all his players for the upcoming match. Zule has not fully recovered from his knee injury yet, and Coutinho and Tolisso are thoroughly busy with their recovery, having problems with their golestops. Some German media also report problems with Martinez.


In contrast to the performance of Bayern, things are going differently for the eagles. They delight their fans with victories in the championship rarely, so more graze the back in the table, and do not think about the tournament heights. So in the opening round after the resumption of the season, Eintracht lost 1: 3 at home to Borussia Gladbach, and continues to hold the 13th place – a dubious line for a club with such potential and ambitions.

However, now the strength of Adolf Hütter’s team is a concept that is more conditional than unconditional. It is no wonder that it won the last time in the Bundesliga as early as February 7, when it defeated Augsburg at home – 5: 0. after that victory, Frankfurt has already lost in four consecutive matches of the German championship (with a total score of 2: 11).
For Bayern, Eintracht players will not come out in their optimal combination. The disqualified KOR will not be able to help the partners, Paciencia will not play due to a muscle injury, as will Russ, who has problems with his heel.

Face-to-face meetings

At the moment, the rivals have held 97 meetings in the German championship. In them, there is a solid superiority of Munich, expressed in 53 wins against 22 wins in the asset of “Eintracht”. Another 22 matches ended in a draw.

But, as already noted, in recent years, there is a good element of unpredictability and surprise in personal meetings between teams. For example, how not to remember at least the meeting between Eintracht and Bayern in Frankfurt in the first round of the current season. This is hard to believe: that match, held in November last year, ended in a 5-1 victory for the eagles.

With this convincing victory, the team from Frankfurt, it turns out, took revenge for previous failures in games with the Bavarians. We are talking about two defeats in the Bundesliga of the previous season (0: 3 in Frankfurt and 1:5 in Munich), as well as in the match for the German super Cup in the summer of 2018 (0: 5).

Match forecast

Bayern will dominate their field. At the same time, dominate thoroughly and convincingly. She is the undisputed favorite of the game, noticeably superior to her counterpart. Based on this, we can expect even a major victory for Munich. That is, TB 2.5 in the match should take place.

However, given the disassembly of the frankfurters, we can expect a “dry” victory for the hosts (2.05) in the match. But something suggests that the guests will still be able to score their goal, and this will make a slight intrigue in the development of events on the field.