Liverpool have lost 0-2 at home in the Champions League against Atalanta.

The Reds did not deliver a single shot to the opponent’s goal – three hits missed the target, one was blocked.

This happened to Liverpool in a home match in the Champions League for the first time since at least 17 years (since the start of statistics collection in the 2003/04 season).

Vatican about Maradona: “The Pope remembers him in prayer and remembers their meetings with love”

In the official residence of Pope Francis in the Vatican, they reacted to the death of former Argentine football player Diego Maradona.

“The Pope was informed about the death of Diego Maradona. He fondly recalls his meetings with Maradona in past years.

The Pope commemorates him in prayer, as he did in the past when he found out about his condition, ”said the head of the Holy See’s press service Matteo Bruni.

Pope Francis is an Argentinean, a fan of the San Lorenzo club.

Douglas Santos may miss Arsenal due to injury

Zenit is preparing for the RPL round 16 match with Arsenal and the Champions League game with Club Brugge.

Defender Danil Krugovoy and midfielder Wendel, who missed the Champions League game with Lazio (1: 3), are working in a common group.

Defender Douglas Santos may miss the match with the Tula due to an injury sustained in the match against Lazio, Metaratings reports.

Atlético was unhappy that the referee spoke Russian with Loko players

Atletico players had doubts about the impartiality of Slovenian referee Slavko Vinchin during the match with Lokomotiv (0: 0) in the 4th round of the Champions League.

Fútbol en Movistar + had a recording at its disposal, which shows how the Rohiblancos communicated with each other during the break.

“Sucks, you moron,” said defender Jose Jimenez. “He speaks to them in Russian,” added attacking player Angel Correa. “That’s right, he speaks in their language. You know, it’s all strange, ”continued Jimenez.

The conversation was interrupted by midfielder Saul Niguez, who noted that the conversation was being recorded: “Camera with sound”. Jimenez saw the lens and the exchange ended.