The ex-coach of the “blue-garnet” supported the club captain.
Former Barcelona coach Luis Cesar Menotti has spoken out about forward Lionel Messi’s performance for Argentina.

“It’s not about seeing Messi as a world champion. I would dream of Argentina winning the world Cup. With or without it.

I’m happy to see Messi play. He deserves a trophy with the Argentine national team. Don’t forget that there were times when only he was judged.

Titles in football are difficult, you have to be very lucky. There are moments that pass, and small chances play an important role.

I think there are a few players who are very loyal to the Argentina national team. They respect each other and really want to be part of the team.

I am optimistic about this group of players who will be next to Messi playing the way he used to,” Menotti said in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.

Metkovic: “Capello wanted to give up Marcelo in 2007»
The Brazilian’s career in the camp of the Madrid club could not have worked out.

Former Real Madrid forward Predrag Mijatovic has shared memories of how in 2007, then-cream coach Fabio Capello wanted to give up defender Marcelo.

“In my first year at Real Madrid, the left – back was Roberto Carlos-the best in this position in the history of football, in my opinion. But I knew we needed to sign a young player to replace him.

Knowing Roberto as a former teammate and knowing that his contract was about to end, it became clear that he was not playing the same way as before and we needed to replace him.

Marcelo was 18 years old, no one knew him, and Capello wanted to give him up. However, I didn’t agree with Capello because I wanted Marcelo to train with Roberto Carlos. A player who trains with a world-class star like Roberto Carlos can watch his life and listen to any of his advice, and this is much more valuable than 10-15 games on loan,” Mijatovic said in an interview with Goal.